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Review on Jazz Profiles by Steven Cerra – Pinheiro Ineke Cavalli – Turn Out The Stars – The Music of Bill Evans


Flophouse Magazine-François van de Linde-March 1, 2021-Pinheiro Ineke Cavalli-Turn Out The Stars


Turn out the Stars – the Music of Bill Evans

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Jazz Profiles-East & West – The New West Quartet [Gunther, Pinheiro, Cavalli, Pedroso] featuring Mike Del Ferro by Steven Cerra


Triplicity – Le Soir 14-05-2020

Triplicity-Le Soir 14-05-2020


New West Quartet-East&West- Review from Jazz Journal UK

Gunther, Pinheiro, Cavalli – New West Quartet: East & West


East & West

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Pinheiro Ineke Cavalli: Triplicity By Brian Payne – February 25, 2019 – Jazz Journal

Pinheiro Ineke Cavalli: Triplicity


Review on Musica Jazz 28/02/2017